Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Bamboo Structures

Apologies to those who follow this blog, as 2008 ended with few developments we had not been contributing to this writting. In December 2009 we displayed one of our structures for the city of Miami and Green Art U.S.A that coincided with Art Basel. The show went well and we were able to display one of our finest kit structures to the residents and patrons of art Miami. The relation ship with Green ArtUSA has led us to Ultrafest 2009 where we will be installing 3 of our prefabricated structures at the ecovillage. There is also an event on the beach at Funkshion that we will be installing one of our latest structures in the V.I.P area. The course we had scheduled for March 2009 has been rescheduled for 2010 due to the impact of the economy. Daniel Cheyne has developed 2 new original bamboo structures. The pavilion above and a larger version of these unnamed new structures. These structures are our latest attempt to build simple and strong structures at a reasonable price. The smalller version will retail for 2500 (pictured above) and the larger version will be 3500.


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